UK: Police concerned after disappearance of woman with links to royal family and her baby

A British couple and their baby have been missing since early January. The police are investigating this exciting case.

A disturbing story. Mark Gordon and Constance Marten don’t seem to want to be found. The pair have not been released since January 5, after fleeing their burning vehicle on a road near Bolton.

Police report that they have left their home in Eltham, a suburb of London, since early September. Over the last few months, they lived on the road, stopping from time to time to sleep in AirBnB.

Constance Marten gave birth to her baby, all alone, a few days before their disappearance. The police are concerned about the condition of this newborn, who has not been attended to by doctors.

Connections to the royal family

Mark Gordon is a former prisoner. After serving his sentence in the US for a rape he committed as a teenager, he was deported to England. Constance Marten has close ties to the English royal line. Her grandmother was the goddaughter of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and a schoolmate of Elizabeth II’s sister, Princess Margaret. In addition, his father was one of the pages of Elizabeth II. Since meeting Mark Gordon, Constance Marten had moved away from her family. His father recently spoke in a video published by the media outlet The Independent, asking him to come back.

The married couple was SEEN

The couple has had no contact with anyone since the beginning of the month, and has not given any news about the baby. However, Constance Marten and Mark Gordon have been seen since the vehicle fire.

On January 7, the surveillance camera from a London Underground reveals images of those hiding their faces to avoid detection. A taxi would have dropped them off at Liverpool and Harwich just before. The police are continuing the investigation.

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