UK: Kiwi shoe black victims of sneakers and telecommuting

He is a journalist from Financial Times, even out of shoe black, which had raised the hare in early December. Wherever he looked, in supermarkets, at cobblers, for the round tin boxes of the Kiwi brand that he was attached to, he came up empty. He had discovered in his search that all over Britain older men working in the army, in the city or in the big schools shared his dismay and built up small stocks whenever they could lay their hands on a background of radiation.

” Dress code “. Here’s the explanation: American group SC Johnson (Duck WC, Ziploc, Raid…), which bought the brand (Australian, as the name doesn’t indicate) from frozen food and dessert specialist Sara Lee in 2011, faced a staggering decline in sales in the UK, and decided to withdraw from the market. “Following an extensive market assessment, SC Johnson has decided to exit the UK shoe care market and redirect its investment and resources to more strategic markets and activities. A small thunderclap in the UK, where Kiwi, a brand founded in 1906, is almost synonymous with shoe polish.

According to a spokesperson for the brand, quoted by The telegraphthe shoe-shine specialist had long seen a “dissatisfaction with formal leather shoes, which require regular oiling and polishing, and more generally a decline in the practice of shoe-shine. Sneakers are becoming more and more numerous, both on the street and in the office. What loosened dress codes started, work from home concluded it. Kiwi will now focus “on markets where shoe black is still relevant.” Without specifying which ones exactly. But if we can’t even count on the Brits for that anymore‚Ķ

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