the latest Patch Tuesday crashes many PCs running AMD Ryzen

Many users attest to errors encountered after installing Windows 11 update KB5021255. The bugs had already multiplied last month during the implementation of the update KB5012170, which was supposed to be only a patch with minor fixes.

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Today, returns regarding crashes of PCs running AMD’s Ryzen processor are increasingly frequent. The black streak continues for Microsoft.

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According to Thomsen48, a member of Reddit, the bug that crashes his PC was already present in the update from the previous month. His computer, powered by a Ryzen 5 4600GE processor, started crashing as early as November 2022 Patch Tuesday, i.e. when you update KB5019980. Uninstalling the faulty patch fixed the problem, but the latest corrective update doesn’t help… quite the opposite. Other members of the community agreed with this testimony, which seems to indicate thatthis is not an isolated case.

The Windows 22H2 bug affecting AMD Ryzen processors was already present in Update KB5019980

“After installing this update on Windows 11 22H2, our customers with AMD processors started freezing randomly for minutes. This issue also appeared after update KB5019980which we uninstalled. This update reintroduces this issue. Uninstalling it solved the problem again. Disconnecting and reconnecting USB devices caused the system to resume. When we read this crash, we can ask ourselves the question: should we install this update or is it better to wait?

Microsoft would not have not yet found a solution to this problem. The celebration of the end of the year probably explains the lack of response from the Redmond company. Apart from this patch for AMD Ryzen processors, the next Windows 11 cumulative update, “Moment 2”, is expected to arrive in March. “Moment 3” should take place in May and should offer significant new features.

Source: Reddit

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