Taliban policy on women ‘deeply murderous’

The Taliban’s relentless campaign against women is not just a matter of rights, it is a matter of survival. It is not only cruel and oppressive, it is inherently murderous. In a country already on its knees, where 97% of the population lives in poverty, where two-thirds of Afghans need humanitarian aid, where 20 million people suffer from hunger, and where parents literally have to sell a kidney to feed their families. The Taliban government increases the desperation of Afghans.

By banning women from working for NGOs, they are depriving women and children of absolutely vital help. Almost all major aid organizations have suspended their activities, and the UN has stopped some programs “urgent”. Several major world powers have called on the Taliban to reverse this decision “dangerous and reckless” while heads of UN agencies emphasized that women play a vital role in all areas of humanitarian assistance.

Execution and public flogging

In many cases, these employees – several tens of thousands of people – are the only ones with income.

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Source for the article

The Guardian (London)

Independence and quality characterize this title born in 1821, which counts among its ranks some of the most respected columnists in the country. The Guardian is a reference newspaper for the intelligentsia, teachers and trade unionists. Oriented towards the centre-left, he is very critical of the conservative government.
Unlike other UK reference dailies, the paper has opted for a free access website which it shares with its Sunday edition, The Observer. The two press titles switched to tabloid format in 2018. This decision was part of a logic of cost reduction, while The Guardian had lost money continuously for twenty years. A successful strategy: In May 2019, editor-in-chief Katharine Viner announced that the paper was profitable for the first time since 1998.

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