Germany ‘will not go into recession’ in 2023, says Scholz

Germany 'will not go into recession' in 2023, says Scholz

By Le Figaro with AFP Released 13 minutes ago, Update right now In its autumn forecast for 2022, the government expected a decline of 0.4% of GDP this year. Marco / The German chancellor said in an interview that he has confidence in the German economy despite the context of the energy crisis in … Read more

Hambach, mine of all excesses

Hambach, mine of all excesses

The year-long occupation of L├╝tzerath ended on Monday 16 January. Environmental activists opposed plans to expand an open-pit mine that will engulf this German village. A few kilometers to the south, another gigantic pit full of lignite, the most polluting coal, tears up the landscape: the Hambach mine. In 1978, the operator RWE bought the … Read more

Germany should double its navy

Germany should double its navy

Go fast. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz inaugurated the second floating terminal for liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the port of Lubmin on the Baltic Sea on Saturday 14 January. This vessel is operated by TotalEnergies and has an annual regasification capacity of 5 billion cubic meters, enough to cover about 5% of German demand. In … Read more

Amazon, Twitter, Meta… Why tech giants are firing in droves

Amazon, Twitter, Meta... Why tech giants are firing in droves

18,000 jobs will be cut at the e-commerce giant Amazon at the start of the year. By the end of 2022, 3,700 employees had been laid off at Twitter, that is, more than half of the employees and 11,000 (13% of its workforce) at Meta, the group that owns the digital platforms Facebook, Instagram and … Read more

Tesla, Space X, Twitter… Elon Musk’s crazy year

Tesla, Space X, Twitter... Elon Musk's crazy year

AWESOME STORY – The head of Tesla and SpaceX got a new dimension with the takeover of Twitter. His escapades worry politicians and investors. Apart from, perhaps, Volodymyr Zelensky, no one will have been talked about as much in 2022 as Elon Musk, head of, among others, Tesla and SpaceX, and now owner of the … Read more