Starfield was still due for release within 6 months according to Bethesda | Xbox One

The year 2023 must be synonymous with many releases at Microsoft. After last year’s postponements, players are especially waiting for a certain Starfield, the big Xbox exclusive. If we still don’t have an exact date for the game’s arrival, Bethesda has just confirmed its release window again.

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A support page published by Bethesda

It is the user
who noted the appearance of a support page for the game directly on the Bethesda website. On this page we can especially read that the title is still intended for first half of 2023.

The latest news, Starfield was to be released in the first half of 2023 exclusively on Xbox Series X | S and PC. Although the title is very discreet, the appearance of this page shows that things are moving internally.

It’s a safe bet that the official release date should be announced very soon. In fact, increasingly persistent rumors suggest that Microsoft will hold a conference at the end of January to give news about their game. We will of course be on the lookout for information on this topic.

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