SpaceX is approaching the $140 billion valuation

The year has just begun and SpaceX have already raised funds. In an internal correspondence consulted by US media CNBCthe company specializing in astronautics would have managed raise 750 million dollars during a new round table. Since then, SpaceX would be valued at $137 billion.

SpaceX continues to gain in value

The email to potential SpaceX investors, skimmed CNBC, presents the American venture capital fund Andreessen Horowitzbetter known as a16z, which the leader of this new fundraiser. The latter had already helped Elon Musk raise the $44 billion needed to buy Twitter.

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The previous year, SpaceX had received over $2 billion in funding. At the end of May 2022, SpaceX reached $125 billion in valuation. Last July, the company run by the billionaire closed a funding round to 250 million dollars. Today its value would approach $140 billion after authorizing its employees to sell their shares in December for $77 each.

Many important milestones reached in 2022 for SpaceX

2022 was a rich year for SpaceX, characterized by many successes. Through its Falcon program, the group has achieved 60 launches in one year. With 59 Falcon 9 and one Falcon Heavy, that is twice as much as in 2021.

Starlink, its satellite internet provider, for its part, hit one million subscribers and its traffic was multiplied by 15 between January and December. It was in particular widespread in Ukraine where part of the Internet network was destroyed by the Russian armed forces.

Finally, at the end of November, NASA has extended its contract with SpaceX as part of the Artemis program. The Californian company had been chosen to become the farmer for the Artemis III mission with the goal of sending humans to the surface of the Moon long after the Apollo missions. No doubt SpaceX will continue its momentum in 2023 to maintain his status as space manager.

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