more Britons support another referendum, poll shows

A majority of respondents believe that leaving the EU has greatly damaged several indicators of their economy and reduced the UK’s ability to control its own borders.

Two years later, do you have any regrets? On 31 January 2020, the UK finally left the EU after months of endless negotiations. This split followed the UK referendum on 23 June 2016, in which 51.89% of Britons expressed their desire to leave the European deal.

According to a survey carried out and published on 1 January by the newspaper across the Channel The independent, two-thirds of Britons polled support a return to the polls for a new vote. In detail, they are 65% in favor of demanding this new ballot, up from 55% just a year ago.

They are 22% to ask for this return to the polls in the next five years, 24% in six to ten years and only 4% in more than twenty years. Conversely, only 24% of respondents believe that there should not be a new referendum (compared to 34% a year ago).

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In a country plagued by political crises, the last Prime Minister Liz Truss remained in power for only forty days before leaving office, but also affected by a latent economic crisis, the Britons interviewed here believe that all the country’s lights are worsened since she left the EU.

Thus, 56% believe that leaving the EU has worsened the economy (compared with 44% previously) and 50% believe that it has reduced their ability to control their own borders (compared with 43%). In terms of image, according to them, Brexit has worsened Britain’s global influence (50% vs. 39%).

In the event of a new referendum, it is possible that the result will be reversed compared to 2016. According to this same survey, it is now 54% of respondents, against previously 46%, who believe that Brexit was the wrong choice for the respondents. Country.

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