Looking back to the year 2022: these Twitch scandals shocked Germany

The year 2022 has been full of nerve-wracking scandals on the German streaming scene. These 7 moments were especially talked about on Twitch.

Hamburg – A lot happened on Twitch and YouTube in 2022. Between many good times such as donation campaigns and event streams, however, internet actors* also kept us in suspense with their scandals. Pictures of overpriced monkeys, advertising for dubious sponsors and “dark humor” on Twitter were no exception. But in these 7 moments, MontanaBlack, EliasN97 and other big names on the internet played the shitstorm drum especially well. ingame brings you the most violent streamer scandals of 2022.

company name Twitch Interactive, Inc.
The main office San Francisco, California
Foundation June 6, 2011
umbrella organization Amazon.com, Inc.
Founders*. Justin Kan, Emmett Shear, Michael Seibel, Kyle Vogt

The biggest streamer scandals on Twitch and more – these moments kept us in suspense

Annual Review of Scandals: At the end of the year, we inevitably return to the biggest events of the year. On Twitch and YouTube, streamers* have also attracted attention, whether positive or negative. We take a look at what were arguably the biggest scandals of the year, the ones that kept the streaming scene buzzing. Even Germany’s top Twitch 2022 streamers were not spared scandal.

We have not linked the scandals to each other. These 7 moments have remained special in our memory at ingame and clearly illustrate the scandalous streaming year 2022. From ApoRed to MontanaBlack via Fritz Meinecke, there are many scandals that deserve a second look.

Biggest Streamer Scandals of 2022 – YouTuber ApoRed turns on Insi mode

Number 7 In 2022, ApoRed activated Insi Mode – a veritable insolvency proceeding that will likely keep the monstrous YouTuber busy for a few more years. In several videos, YouTuber MiiMii exposed more and more mishaps of ApoRed and leaked extremely personal data. But faced with his visible struggle, ApoRed does not face his responsibility: He lies like a toothpick.

YouTuber ApoRed in front of a clothes container and a supermarket trolley

“I’m a millionaire,” ApoRed announced in front of a container of bright red clothing, drawing laughter from social media and streamers* of all stripes on Twitch. In many reactions, they still make fun of ApoRed and its eccentric puppet show today. ApoRed got the attention it wanted from its opponents* and will likely continue to deliver outrageous quality content to us in 2023.

The biggest streamer scandals of 2022 – Gamescom brawl between ban dancing, Scurrows and OrangeMorange

Number 6 Gamescom 2022 was an eventful event for video game fans. But the video game fair in Cologne has also made waves in the streaming world. No Dancing, OrangeMorange and Scurrows are particularly remembered during this event. During an awkward argument, the three hostile streamers met and the situation escalated. The reason for this was persistent discussions about gambling on Twitch.

No Dancing Orange Orange Scurrows Gamescom 2022

The battle between Tanzverbot, Orangemorange and Scurrows at Gamescom will surely be remembered by anyone who remembers the show. Among many other shenanigans, MontanaBlack and his Gamescom horde are also worth mentioning – in this case, the streamer’s fans engaged in outrageous behavior.

The biggest streamer scandals of 2022 – Fritz Meinecke takes on the ‘Soft DIY community’.

Number 5 While on tour in Hungary, Fritz Meinecke concluded that a passer-by must be a prostitute and invoked with the comment ” Fuck, fuck, 5 euros caused a good storm of hash. On Twitter, YouTube and more, the creator of 7 vs. Wild was scrutinized and faced harsh criticism for his sexist remark.

Fritz Meinecke cycles

The survival expert, a victim of “cancel culture”, issued an even more embarrassing statement. Fritz Meinecke ate away at ” feminized right-wing society“and drew a new storm of criticism. He said that he would lose all his sponsors if he spoke publicly about the terrible things he had in mind. Despite the scandal, the success of 7 vs. Wild is enormous, although Fritz Meinecke also have to deal with some complaints regarding the authenticity of the show.

The Biggest Streamer Scandals of 2022 – Twitch Finally Doesn’t Ban Gambling and OrangeMorange and the Scurrows Party

Number 4 Opponents of gambling* rejoiced prematurely when the casino ban on Twitch was announced. On October 18th, sweeping changes were to be made to many forms of gambling on Twitch. But OrangeMorange and Scurrows simply continue to broadcast casino streams. Germany’s probably most monstrous streamers continue to sit happily in front of the spinning wheels and relax.

Scurrows and Orangemorange for casino background and Twitch logo

In various other scandals, OrangeMorange and Scurrows made a fool of themselves in front of Twitch-Germany fans. Scurrows went after TikTok* staff because of Andrew Tate, and OrangeMorange was the butt of derision after an embarrassing row. Despite their heavily criticized actions, the two casino streamers seem to have had good luck with the half-word ban on gambling on Twitch.

Biggest Streamer Scandals of 2022 – EliasN97 Makes Embarrassing Claims After SPITCH Criticism

Number 3 In 2022, gambling and advertising were on everyone’s lips. Critics have continued to rain down on streamers* who are accused of pushing their – often very young – communities into casino addiction. EliasN97 is not really connected to these allegations, but he was targeted for a similar sponsor. EliasN97 has come under fire for his SPITCH ad, claiming the fantasy football app is too close to gambling.

Screenshot of streamer Eliasn97's Instagram story

This year, however, there was a split in opinion about EliasN97’s criticism of SPITCH. The hostile backlash and personal attacks on his Simplicissimus opponents helped make EliasN97 look bad to many fans. Despite the shitstorm, EliasN97 has made up for it this year and is among the top tier of the biggest Twitch streamers of 2022 in Germany.

The Biggest Streamer Scandals of 2022 – MontanaBlack Promotes NFT Scams and Suffers a Shitstorm

Number 2 In early 2022, NFTs were all the rage. These expensive little blockchain-related images became highly commercialized and circulated in the media like few other trends. As with an investment in a cryptocurrency, influencers* have promoted NFTs. MontanaBlack has also partnered with a dubious network that offers NFTs called Bored Ape, i.e. images of futuristic space monkeys.

MontanaBlack next to his BoredApe NFT

MontanaBlack promoted an NFT scam and was heavily criticized, even by hardcore fans. The scandal never ended. MontanaBlack’s NFT swastika scandal soon followed the first case, forcing the streamer to make statements on Twitch and the like. The effects of his scandals can be seen in his activity on Twitch. MontanaBlack took a sabbatical and saw its viewership* drop by an average of 30% in 2022.

The biggest streamer scandals of 2022 – The streamer Danny is sentenced to death and disappears completely

Number 1 This is arguably the biggest streaming scandal of 2022. Danny was convicted of double rape, sparking a wave of outrage in Twitch Germany. Fans of the streamer and his fellow streamers* could not believe their eyes and ears when the terrible news reached them. Until today, the streamer Danny has completely disappeared from the scene, and many old friends and girlfriends have distanced themselves from him.

YouTuber Danny in an excerpt from his video.

Papaplatte, sometimes one of Danny’s best friends, was shocked by this condemnation. He responded by removing a joint song from the two. Rapper T-Low, who Danny accompanied in his VLogs, also distanced himself from the streamer and asked his fans not to bring up the subject again.

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