In the United Kingdom, the environmentalists of Extinction Rebellion are ceasing their operations

Its activists had made a habit of sticking to roads or airplanes to warn about climate change. Last August, they even blocked Tower Bridge, London’s emblematic bascule bridge. Extinction Rebellion is now considering other courses of action.

The environmental organization announced on Sunday 1eh January to suspend the spectacular blockade operations in the United Kingdom which made it famous. The network of activists, formed in 2018 and since known for these civil disobedience operations, prefers to mobilize for a large demonstration in April against the government’s inaction.

“This year we prioritize participation over arrests, relationships over roadblocks”, the group justified in a press release. It announces that it has taken for 2023 “controversial decision to temporarily turn away from public space disruption as a primary tactic”.

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Controversial actions

Extinction Rebellion acknowledges “the power of disruption to sound the alarm” but find “necessary” to develop and says that he wants above all “disrupt abuse of power” by putting pressure on the political class to put an end to the use of fossil fuels. The organization is therefore calling for a large demonstration on April 21 in front of the British Parliament, hoping to gather 100,000 people.

Extinction Rebellion’s actions have often been controversial, with the group infuriating a section of public opinion, the conservative establishment and much of the press by attacking the public. Many activists were arrested during these events, and the government plans to further tighten the right to demonstrate.

At the same time, Extinction Rebellion was overtaken by the emergence of even more radical groups such as Just Stop Oil or Insulate Britain, which blocked London’s ring road or drowned out Van Gogh’s masterpiece in soup in Sunflowers at the National Gallery in London.

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