fights break out in Aldi stores over youtuber drink promo

The scenes of mayhem took place in several British stores of the hard-discount brand. Customers flocked to an energy drink created by two English YouTubers.

The French had the Nutella affair with Intermarché. The English want the Prime case with Aldi. Many scenes of mayhem took place across the UK on December 29 due to a special sale orchestrated by the German hard-discount brand.

In its Thursday news, Aldi had actually prepared a special offer on Prime energy drinks. The offer did not necessarily attract the attention of ordinary consumers, but rather fans of Logan Paul (23.6 million subscribers on YouTube) and KSI (24 million subscribers), English YouTubers and co-creators of the beverage brand.

It has to be said that Aldi’s offer was attractive: £1.99 (€2.25) a bottle instead of £29.99 on the online site. Some professional internet users even offered certain bottles for nearly £50,000 on eBay.

Fights between children and adults

An obviously attractive proposition and a rather low stock (about 300 bottles per store) which inevitably attracted an impressive crowd and caused a number of fights. Barely returned, after several hours of waiting in front of the store, customers actually rushed the available bottles.

However, Prime had indicated a few hours before the sale that the purchase of bottles was limited to three per person. This therefore only reinforced the arguments and hesitation to be able to have this drink without sugar, made of coconut water, electrolytes and vitamins.

Several videos have thus been published on social networks showing adults and children struggling to recover the precious bottles. Several shops were robbed in just 5 minutes.

However, the Prime brand indicated on Twitter that such scenes had only taken place in a small number of stores which had not prepared properly.

“The majority of stores had defined a clear process where employees distributed the bottles by hand or left them in the till,” the drinks brand said.

However, these scenes are unlikely to repeat themselves. Aldi has indicated that it will not be refilling these energy drinks.

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