Elon Musk comments on Algeria’s solar potential via a tweet

On the social network Twitter, American businessman Elon Musk commented on a post about Algeria’s solar capacity. In fact, the owner of the social network blue bird is known for his sometimes interesting, sometimes controversial tweets and comments! For once, the billionaire was interested in a publication about the solar potential of Algeria.

In fact, it all started when the Massimo Twitter account, which specializes in astronomy, astronautics, meteorology and physics, posted a study. The latter actually concerns the solar panels needed to supply the world, Europe and Germany.

On the same publication we can see the map of North Africa. The map shows in red the areas where the solar panels are installed. In detail, the Algerian desert has taken a large part of the existing solar panels in North Africa. Thus the person who bought Twitter commented: “this is a clear step”.

Here is Elon Masque’s comment on the EU’s energy needs

The president and CEO of the astronautics company SpaceX added another comment to the same tweet. “Even solar batteries in a small area in Spain can meet the EU’s energy needs.” In the wake of this, it will be clarified that the tweet is talking about a university thesis. This is entitled “environmental balance and transmission of solar energy from North Africa to Europe”.

Remember that this document was submitted by Nadine May on August 17, 2005. It should also be noted that Algeria has the largest solar field in the world. And this depending on the number of hours of sunshine per year. In fact, this field of sunshine exceeds 2,000 hours per year. At least that is what the International Energy Agency reveals.

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