Brexit: two thirds of the British for a new referendum

According to a survey published by “The Independent”, 54% of respondents, compared to 46% last year, believe that leaving the EU was a bad decision.


According to a poll, a majority of Britons believe that Brexit was a bad choice.
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Uno break hard to digest. The United Kingdom left the EU two years ago. The British hoped that Brexit would allow their economy to flourish and their authorities to better control their borders. Many of them seem very disappointed with the result, so they are asking for a referendum to return to the EU.

According to a Savanta study for The independent65% of Britons would demand a new referendum to reconsider Brexit. A figure in clear progression since the same opinion poll had been carried out last year, in the same period, and slightly more than half (55%) of those questioned already wanted a new referendum.

In detail, we note that some Britons want a vote fairly quickly, while others are ready to wait a little longer. Thus, 22% of respondents call for a referendum within the next five years, 24% within six to ten years, and only 4% imagine it in twenty years. By comparison, the proportion of Britons who refuse another Brexit vote has fallen from 32% to 24% in a year.

Deteriorated economy

Also, still according to this survey, 54% of Brits think Brexit was a bad decision. A figure that is also increasing, since last year 46% of respondents shared this view.

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While most Britons surveyed believe that Brexit is partly responsible for the deterioration of their economy, many also believe that it has damaged Britain’s image internationally. This applies especially to trade. In late December, the British Chamber of Commerce asked Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his government to review its deal with Europe, made under Boris Johnson, to improve trade.

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