Amazon is working on an app dedicated to sports broadcasts

Amazon’s sporting ambitions are well known: the American giant’s checkbook is also met with a big smile by the confederations when it comes to auctioning broadcasting rights, as we saw last year with Ligue 1 football. In the end, it was Amazon that won the jackpot. We should also remember the presence of the Roland-Garros tournament on Prime Video.

Credit: Amazon.

And it is of course not only in France where Amazon invests heavily in broadcasting competitions. Across Europe and the US, Prime Video offers to follow matches of all kinds. In the UK Premier League football is offered, while on the other side of the Atlantic you can watch the Thursday games of the NFL (American football) and New York Yankees baseball.

This increasingly important sports content could be offered outside of the Prime Video application, which is already well loaded (despite its new interface). The information is actually reporting that Amazon is working on a new app dedicated solely to sports broadcasts. This would highlight this content when it is currently drowning in the crowd, which could also attract leagues.

However, nothing is set in stone, and Amazon might as well abandon that idea. On the Apple side, everything is broadcast through the Apple TV app, and despite the contribution of MLS soccer, that won’t change. But who knows, maybe one day the producer will also want to separate its sports offering from series and films.


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