Amazon is considering a standalone application for its sports content

The Prime Video streaming application offered by Amazon may change its face in the near future. That’s according to new reports that indicate the company is considering separating its movie content from sports content. The revenue generated by the sports of Prime Video would motivate this project.

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Numerous leaks revealed that the development of this “new application” would be in its early stages. If the project were to come to fruition, Amazon would end its current one-time subscription system. In fact, Prime Video users will no longer be able to enjoy movies, series and sports content from a single subscription.

A project that can be explained by the success of sports content

Amazon’s Prime Video app has seen a significant increase in new subscribers over the past two years. This has allowed the platform, known above all for its films and series, to register a spectacular boom in its revenues for two years. But Amazon also owes this success to its sports offering. And the company is aware of that.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy recently commented on the weight of sports in Prime Video’s annual revenue. Indeed, he described it as a “unique asset”, while at the same time reiterating his company’s determination to intensify investment in this direction.

Amazon isn’t the only company, a streaming content provider, that takes a keen interest in sports. Direct competitors such as YouTube and Apple have recently invested large sums by buying up the streaming rights to many sports competitions in all directions. This is the case with tournaments like NFL Sunday Ticket, Major League Soccer and Major League Baseball.

Logic would therefore dictate that Amazon quickly secures its place in this market. And to achieve this, the company could develop an application dedicated to this sector alone.

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Heading towards a potential offer exclusive to sports?

The idea wouldn’t seem absurd, because Amazon is used to it. In fact, it has a host of applications that give its millions of users around the world access to exclusive content. In particular, we can mention its application dedicated to shopping or the Kindle service, mainly reserved for reading e-books. Therefore, the company’s desire to create an application that is typically dedicated to broadcasting its sports programs is ultimately not very surprising. Diversifying its offerings will also offload its only streaming application at the moment, Prime Video.

By perhaps choosing to develop an application specific to sports broadcasting, Amazon could eventually include an offering that differs from Amazon Prime’s. Users who only want to access movies and series can stay on Prime Video. As for those who prefer sports, they will have to subscribe to a brand new offer. In the end, the addition may prove to be salty for users who, in turn, want to take advantage of a global offering.

But at the moment it’s only rumours, although it seems that the company is taking this project very seriously.

Source: Android Police

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