“Amazon Hacks”: 15 ideas for storing and organizing lingerie

If you’ve been putting off organizing lingerie overflowing with sheets, blankets and pillowcases for too long, here are 15 “Amazon Hacks” that will make you want to declutter.

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The beginning of the year often makes us want to clean out our pieces and sort to get rid of what we no longer use. Take advantage of this motivational boost to transform yourself into Marie Kondo and organize lingerie for a low price!

1. Plastic holder incl. 2 magazine racks, Amazon Basics

Store and classify your sheet sets in these organizers most commonly used in the office. These magazine racks can be identified by the size of each of the sets to find them more easily later.

Courtesy kelleynan.com

Courtesy of Amazon

2. Large capacity storage bag, QuaiShy

These three organizers with carrying handles are very useful for placing large warm blankets that are not used all year round. When you don’t need them, you can fold them up and put them in your drawer or cabinet to save space.

Courtesy of Amazon

3. XXXL woven cotton rope for laundry hamper, INDRESSME

If you like it both neat and tidy, you’ll probably want this laundry basket to store the heaviest blankets or even those winter duvets that always take up a lot of space.

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Price (on sale): $39.99 on Amazon

4. Set of 2 metal baskets with integrated handles, ZRAZ

These metal baskets are perfect for organizing leftover pillowcases or even towels. They are aesthetic in addition to being very practical.

Courtesy Simply organized

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Price (on sale): $68 on Amazon

5. Stackable fabric storage boxes with transparent window, mDesign

If there are no shelves to properly store bedding, these storage boxes are a good option to consider to optimize your storage space. They are easy to stack and the window in the front allows you to see what’s inside.

Courtesy of Amazon

6. Extra large and strong transparent storage bags, VENO

Ideal for organizing lingerie and saving space, these storage bags will quickly make you feel like everything has its place! In addition, the bag can be stacked to maximize space.

Courtesy of Amazon

7. Shelf divider, KOYEE

If you like things tidy, you’ll quickly use these shelf dividers for your lingerie shelves.

Courtesy Arin Solange at home

Courtesy of Amazon

8. Adjustable door storage, ClosetMaid

All surfaces can be used to create storage. The inside of the door can accommodate adjustable storage like this for smaller household items.

Courtesy of Amazon

9. Undershelf storage basket, SimpleHouseware

If you want to enlarge lingerie from the inside, this storage basket that slides under a shelf will give you an extra place to Store washcloths.

Courtesy A Pretty Fix

  • Price (on sale): $14.87 on Amazon

10. Rolling laundry basket, Yamazaki

This laundry basket can easily hold duvet covers or large duvets, which we like to keep for movie nights in the living room.

Courtesy Pinterest

Courtesy of Amazon

11. Door iron holder, Whitmor

Once the order is placed back in the lingerie, you might even have enough space to store the iron behind the door of this clean closet!

Courtesy of Amazon

12. Ecru linen closet storage,

Organize sheets, blankets, towels with these handy organizers for your next household spree!

Courtesy Canadian Living

Courtesy of Amazon

13. Non-slip wooden hangers, Utopia Home

Simple hangers can be a good alternative to classify our assets! These wooden hangers will be very useful when storing your rugs.

Courtesy of Rambling Renovators

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Price (on sale): $31.99 on Amazon

14. Clear plastic round storage box, KisSealed

This swivel storage box already has its place in the pantry, but it is just as useful in the linen room. We deposit our personal hygiene products or excess medicine there. That is it!

Courtesy Angel Wise

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Price (on sale): $22.98 on Amazon

15. Vacuum storage bags, Spacesaver

If space is simply lacking, consider getting these vacuum storage bags, which are absolutely magical when it comes to storing larger household items. We love them for extra pillows that we rarely use, for example.

Courtesy of Amazon

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