A kingdom in depression

Like wax under the flame, the number of Brexit supporters has also melted, and according to a poll, a majority (57%) of King Charles III’s subjects now regret the choice to have torn the moorings with Brussels. But, as we would say across the channel, “sorry, it’s too late! (sorry, it’s too late). There is no going back, and if this was done, the operation would take years.

But it is now, immediately, that the situation requires solutions. The Prime Minister assured this during a rather embarrassing exchange with a starving homeless person. Dressed in a white apron, Rishi Sunak participated in a dubious communication exercise by offering breakfast to fellow citizens in precarious situations. Would you like to work in business, he asks his interlocutor? “I don’t know, I want to make it through Christmas first,” the man replies, grabbing his breakfast.

“At the moment, the new Downing Street tenant, stuck in his Liberal suit, does not give the impression of being able to improve the daily lives of the English people”

An exchange that summarizes how the economy of the United Kingdom navigates the waters and successive strikes, sparked by railway workers, nurses, paramedics and even the border police. The country is several years ahead, not only before the referendum, but in the 1970s, when it was called “the sick man of Europe”.

Covid, the frivolity and cynicism of Boris Johnson, the incompetence and dogmatism of the volatile Liz Truss have only pushed the Union Jack into depression. For the moment, the new tenant of Downing Street, stuck in his liberal costume, does not give the impression of being able to improve the daily life of the English who run the traditional sale, not in search of the superfluous, but to find what eats. Some even admit to having a cobweb in their wallet from keeping it closed.

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