9 movies and series that make Amazon Prime a must in 2023

news culture 9 movies and series that make Amazon Prime a must in 2023

It’s not just Netflix in life. Amazon Prime also has some very heavy stuff in store for us in the year 2023. Here are 9 movies and series that will make the platform a must-have this year.


  • Carnival Row season 2
  • Gene V
  • Good Omens season 2
  • Hunter season 2
  • Invincible season 2
  • RedOne
  • roadhouse
  • Shotgun wedding
  • Continental
  • Bonus: (?) The Last of Us (?)

Carnival Row season 2

Cara Delevingne and Orlando Bloom share the poster again this year second season of carnival row. This fantastic series takes us to the city of Burgue, where many fairy creatures have immigrated after the war between the Alliance and the Covenant. But they are not really welcome, and the question of welcoming them or not is a very tense political issue. It is in this context that Philo, an inspector investigating a series of murders of fairy creatures, will cross paths with Vignette, a fairy who reminds him of his past. Between investigation and imagination, carnival row had some success and was therefore naturally renewed for a second season. Alas, the health crisis has been there and has turned the schedule quite a bit upside down. That’s why the wait was so long. But it’s almost over: the broadcast will start on February 17, 2023, and we already have the complete program. At a rate of two episodes per week, this final season will deliver its conclusion on March 17. Notice to fans of the series, this season will be the last.

Gene V

If we definitely have to wait until 2024 to see season 4 of The boysfans of supers will still have something to eat in 2023. Gene Vspin-off of The boyswill indeed land this year. For those who have not seen the project pass, know that ithis new series will take us to the corridors of Godolkin University, which is clearly not a university like the others. In fact, it is the only establishment dedicated exclusively to young supers. Between superpowers and work hormones, the mix already promises to be explosive. And the teaser that has been revealed gives us the color: Gene V will also focus on mutilation and an outrageous tone. A very gory trailer has already been revealed. Note that we will see famous characters such as A-Train (Jessie T. Usher), Ashley (Colby Minifie) and Adam Bourke (PJ Byrne). But this spin-off will above all be an opportunity to discover new faces with actors and actresses like Jaz Sinclair (Sabrina’s Exciting Adventures), Good luck Perdomo (Sabrina’s Exciting Adventures), Lizze Broadway, Shelley Conn, Maddie Phillips and many more. No more exact date, but this spin-off will come well in 2023.

9 movies and series that make Amazon Prime a must in 2023

Good Omens season 2

You want to take a good dose of divine conflict, don’t you? It’s good because Good omens returning in the summer of 2023 for a second season. If you haven’t been following this Amazon Prime series, a little recap is in order. It all begins at the dawn of the apocalypse. It is destiny, this event is supposed to happen and devastate mankind. But that was without counting the angel Aziraphal and the demon Rampa, who after 6000 years on Earth decide to change the course of destiny. This story is not original as it is an adaptation of the novel good omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. But this second season should deviate from that to explain us in particular “the strange friendship between Aziraphale, a fastidious angel and dealer in rare books, and the hyperactive demon Rampa”. This direct sequel to the events of the first season will span six episodes.

Hunter season 2

Another season 2 with Huntersthe series of Nazi hunters 32 years after the end of the Second World War. As a reminder, this small group led by an Auschwitz survivor relentlessly tracks down the members of a secret organization seeking to establish the Fourth Reich, a brand new state ruled by Nazism. Season 1 of Hunters ended on a major cliffhanger since we learned it that Hitler (played by Udo Kier) and his wife, Eva Braun, were still alive and hiding in South America. Suffice it to say, our Nazi hunters have a big target to shoot down in this season 2. And we’ll have to be efficient as this season will be, like carnival rowthe last. See you on January 13th to find out.

9 movies and series that make Amazon Prime a must in 2023

Invincible season 2

The boys is not the only cartoon that has had the right to an adaptation on Amazon Prime. Invincible by Robert Kirkman had the same privilege, this time through an animated series. Aired since March 26, 2021, it tells the adventures of Mark Grayson, the son of the most powerful superhero on Earth (just that). When you are part of such a line, the pressure is great. Especially since when Mark develops his first powers, he has just celebrated his seventeenth birthday and is therefore in full teenage years. Now together with his father, he can finally touch his dream. But a terrible event will come and change everything. The series was applauded by critics and viewers. It is therefore quite natural that they expected the publication of a second season. It was finally shortly before the end of the year 2022 that the latter was confirmed, and this with a (broad) release window, namely the year 2023. We can’t wait to find out more.


With RedOneAmazon Prime welcomes big names to its platform. Action comedy directed by Jake Kasdan (the last two Jumanji) will actually honor the actor who played Captain America, Chris Evans, but also Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock. In the cast we also find Kiernan Shipka (Sabrina’s Exciting Adventures) and Lucy Liu (Kill Bill: Volume 1, Charlie’s Angels). For the rest, we have little information about the film, but some details are still known. One of them is particularly important: strange as it may seem, it will be a Christmas movie. The idea is to revisit the myths about the end of the year with punch. If the feature film is a success, we can even expect it to turn into a new franchise. Given the theme, you won’t be surprised to hear that the film is slated for the 2023 holiday season.


We continue on the films with roadhouse. This time it’s a remake of a 1989 film about the life of a mysterious nightclub bouncer (played by Patrick Swayze) who is determined to put an end to local corruption. For roadhouse from Amazon Prime, we change the situation a bit, as our protagonist will be a former fighter in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). As in the original film, he accepts a job as a bouncer, but this time at a speakeasy in the Florida Keys. He will quickly realize that something is going on in the shadows and will have to act. It is Jake Gyllenhaal who will lend his features to the bouncer. And he won’t be alone as many actors have already been announced for this film. Among them we find the UFC fighter Conor McGregor, who will take his first steps on the screen. To see it, go to 2023.

Shotgun wedding

Jennifer Lopez will be on all screens in 2023. If she is on the poster of The mother on Netflix, you’ll find it too Shotgun wedding on Amazon Prime. For the occasion, the singer will wear a wedding dress. She will play Darcy, a young woman who is engaged to Tom (Josh Duhamel). For their wedding, the two lovers dream of a heavenly destination, cut off from all civilization. So they go to an exotic location, but nothing will go as planned. Adventure, funny situations and action, that’s what this movie promises us, scheduled for January 27, 2023. At the helm we find Jason Moore, who particularly excelled in directing The hit girls and Sisters. For the casting, in addition to Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel, we also expect Jennifer Coolidge (The white lotus) and Lenny Kravitz (The Hunger Games).

9 movies and series that make Amazon Prime a must in 2023


We return to the side of the series with a universe that you are sure to know: John Wicks. No, no Keanu Reeves on the horizon. The actor that we especially know about Matrix and Cyberpunk 2077 will not be the star of this spin-off. And for good reason, it’s not centered on John Wick’s character, but on Winston Scott’s, his sidekick. Ian McShane, who played him in the films, will give way to a younger actor, namely Colin Woodell. Nothing surprising in this change, since this series is supposed to tell us the origin of this character as well as his emblematic hotel, the Continental. Over three sections, Continental should immerse us in the secret world of New York in the 70s, where all shots are allowed and the ghosts of the past are never far away. In the cast we also find the actor Mel Gibson in the role of Cormac. See you in the year 2023 to find out.

Bonus: (?) The Last of Us (?)

We end with a project that particularly touches us, as it is adaptation of a well-known video game license: The last of us. The story of the Naughty Dog license comes to life again through a series starring Pedro Pascal (Joel) and Bella Ramsay (Ellie). HBO is responsible. And this is where we answer the question you might be thinking: what can The Last of Us series do in an Amazon Prime selection? Well, because we recently learned that a deal has been signed between HBO and Amazon. The latter will allow US users to find HBO Max channels on Amazon Prime Video at a slightly higher subscription price. A priori they will therefore be able to detect The last of us thanks to Amazon Prime. We therefore hope that this addition will cross the Atlantic to land here as well. Otherwise, it will necessarily go through OCS. On another note, we’re also not sure about seeing the landing of Season 2 The Wheel of Timewhich filming was completed on 18 May.

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